79 12 125 ESD Precision Electronics Side Cutter ESD

 No.79 12 125 ESD
 Pliers burnished
 Handles with multi-component grips
 Head polished
soft wiresoft wire 1/64 - 1/16 Ø Inch0,3 - 1,7 Ø mm
piano wirepiano wire 1/32 Ø Inch0,6 Ø mm
hard wirehard wire 3/64 Ø Inch1,0 Ø mm
medium hard wiremedium hard wire 3/64 Ø Inch1,3 Ø mm
 A 7/16 Inch11 mm
 D 1/4 Inch6,5 mm
 B 25/64 Inch10 mm
LengthLength 5 Inch125 mm
Net weightNet weight 0,134 lbs61 g
  • electrically discharging handles - dissipative
  • precision pliers for ultra fine cutting work, e. g. in electronics and fine mechanics
  • very precisely ground and sharp cutting edges with very small bevels for precise cutting work on small electronic components
  • cutting edge hardness approx. 64 HRC
  • approx. 20 % lighter than conventional electronics pliers
  • bolted joint with particularly carefully manufactured joint surfaces for even, low-friction movement throughout the entire opening range
  • double spring for a gentle and even opening
  • ergonomically optimized handle covers
  • Ball bearing chrome steel, forged, manifold oil-hardened
  • Specially for cutting through hard wire and piano wire

The subtle difference

KNIPEX precision electronics pliers are made of high-quality ball bearing steel and processed with the highest degree of care. Each opening movement is gentle and even without backlash. Each work step proceeds reliably and precisely. This makes work much easier for professionals.

ESD pliers (electrostatic discharge)

electrostatic energy is discharged through the handles in a gradual and controlled manner

which protects components endangered by electrostatic discharge

in accordance with applicable standards, e.g. IEC TR 61 340-5, DIN EN 61 340-5, SP Method 2472

technical change and errors excepted