86 05 150 Mini pliers wrench

Pliers and Wrench in a single tool

 No.86 05 150
 Pliers chrome plated
 Handles with multi-component grips
 B1 3/16 Inch4,7 mm
 B2 9/32 Inch7,0 mm
 B3 13/32 Inch10,5 mm
 adjustment positions 14
Capacities for nutsCapacities for nuts 1 Inch
Capacities for nutsCapacities for nuts 1 1/16 Inch27 mm
Net weightNet weight 0,425 lbs193 g
LengthLength 6 Inch150 mm
  • replaces a full set of inch and metric open end wrenches
  • smooth jaws for damage free installation of plated fittings - working directly on chrome!
  • adjustable tightening tool
  • excellent for gripping, holding, pressing and bending applications
  • zero backlash jaw surface pressure prevents damage to edges of sensitive components
  • adjustment at the touch of a button directly on the workpiece
  • parallel jaws allow infinitely variable gripping of all widths to the specified maximum size
  • reliable catching of the hinge bolt: no unintentional shifting
  • the action of the jaws allows bolted connections to be tightened and released quickly using the ratchet principle
  • lever transmission greater than 10 - 1 for strong gripping power
  • Chrome vanadium electric steel, forged, oil-hardened
    Length 150 mm:
  • The mini pliers wrench for precision mechanics
  • Ideal multi-purpose wrench in pocket size
  • Indispensable companion in emergency tool kit
The smooth jaws grip all parallel surfaces in the capacity range with a high degree of pressure if necessary and open up almost unlimited application possibilities for the pliers wrench: e.g. for tightening locknuts, exerting pressure to activate the adhesive power of contact adhesives, edge breaking in tile work, snapping cable ties, utilisation as a small vice.

Pliers wrench: zero backlash contact pressure, no damage to edges

Conventional open end wrench: edge pressure causes surface damage on edges of nuts and bolts

Fast adjustment by pushing a button

Working on plated fittings without damaging the surface

replaces a full set of inch and metric open end wrenches

Ideal for bending work

technical change and errors excepted