…I love your tools. I use your tools daily as a commercial and industrial electrician. I believe Knipex tools easily outperform and are higher quality than Klein’s tools. Congratulations on the award.
- Wayne Gilchrist

What good is a toolbox without Knipex tools? Sorta useless to say the least.
- Peter Kuzda, Jr.

Knipex tools are simply the best, no need to say more.
- Allan Manning

Knipex makes the best wire cutters/snips.
- Dan Thevanman

Knipex - the professional way, get pliers get Knipex.
- Christoph Litschauer

The 09 11 240 New England style Linesman plier is hands down my favorite tool of all time. When I use it properly, the grip of the plier is unreal, the cutting edge is sharp and durable-I use it for everything from heavy cutting to delicate stripping…
- John C. Hurley

The CoBolt compact bolt cutters 71 32 200! Lightweight, compact and cutting angle makes quick work of old fences and barbed wire.
The recessed notch also allows it to cut multiple wires or thicker wires without switching to another cutter. It is also handy for quick precise cuts for jewelery making. The spring loaded handle saves time by allowing me to make faster cuts.
- Brian Plinke

The Knipex Cobra. I was handed a pair 8 years ago when I got hired at my job. It didn’t take long to find out why everybody had a pair in their pocket. In fact, I still use those cobras at work today....many times a day. I went out and bought some for my home garage. You’ll never see me without a pair in my pocket.
- Jay James

The Knipex Alligator Water Pump Pliers. The slide lock design really makes them easy to use.
- Andrew Tobin