KNIPEX MultiStrip 10 Automatic Insulation Stripper


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  • Stripping without re-adjustment from 0.03 to 10.0 mm²
  • universal cutter geometry - tough and serviceable
  • ideal grip design with excellent haptics
  • recessed wire cutter
  • automatic adjustment to all single-, multi- and fine-stranded conductors with standard insulation. Range of 32 AWG (0.03 mm²) to 7 AWG (10.0 mm²)
  • no manual fine adjustment necessary
  • no damage to the conductors
  • the clamping jaws made of steel hold the cable in a way that prevents slipping without damaging the remaining insulation
  • with recessed wire cutter for Cu and Al conductors, stranded up to 10 mm² and single wire up to 6 mm²
  • particularly smooth-running mechanics and very low weight
  • replaceable blades block and length stop
  • handle with soft-plastic zone for a steady grip
  • body: fiberglass-reinforced
  • blade: Special tool steel; oil-hardened

Patented mechanics

The incision depth of the stripping blade adapts fully automatically to the diameter of the wire and accordingly also to the thickness of all standard insulating materials. There is no need for any of the manual adjustment still necessary when other conventional pliers with a wide wire-stripping range are used.


mode of operation of straight cutters

An incision is made in the red area only.

Not suitable for highly-flexible or armoured insulation materials or for multi-layered insulation.

Wire cutter for multiple stranded wire cables up to7 AWG (10 mm²)

Steel clamping jaws avoid slipping of the cable

precise stripping from 0.03 to 10 mm² without re-adjustment


spare parts KNIPEX MultiStrip 10
12 49 21Spare blades block for 12 42 195

Article No.
Stripping capacities in square millimetres
in² / mm²
Inch / mm
Net weight
12 42 195
up to 25/64
0.03 - 10.0
7 - 32
32 - 7
7 1/2
technical change and errors excepted