Hog Ring Pliers

91 92 180 (online-normal)
91 92 180 zoom
pliers mirror-polished, handles with multi-component covers


  • for the professional fixing of seat covers on profiled seats to the seat frame with all popular upholstery clips
  • Securely insert upholstery clips, guide and hold: the special groove fixes the upholstery clips in the correct position
  • easy positioning of the upholstery clips: a closing spring holds the pliers closed, the clip can be securely positioned and pressed
  • upholstery clips can be easily pressed together due to a good transmission ratio of the pliers
  • user-friendly operation thanks to multi-component grips
  • durable and strong
  • Special tool steel; forged, oil-hardened
Reliable use for repairs to car seats, e.g. to renew seat cover, replace sensor or seat heating mats

Product Number
Inch / mm
Net weight
91 92 180
7 1/4
technical change and errors excepted