Direction and Position of Cutters

In order to cut wire efficiently in different thicknesses and materials, it is important to choose a pair of pliers which have been specifically designed for the job in hand. KNIPEX pliers come in three distinct cutting styles - diagonal, end and center cutters.

They all have induction-hardened cutting edges.

Diagonal cutters are the most popular cutting pliers and are offered in a large variety of lengths, shapes and cutting edges for different materials.

Center cutters provide good stability at the cutting edges combined with a favorable cutting edge angle, i.e. a relatively small amount of force is needed to penetrate and "split" the wire. Consequently, the amount of hand pressure required is also reduced.

End and oblique cutters are used where access to wire is only possible or advisable from a frontal or angled position. This can also apply where a wire has to be cut close to the surface. (In this situation, using a diagonal cutter, the fingers around the handles would be in the way).